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Today headed over to Scott’s Cards to see what new stuff they had gotten in…..Well as luck would have it, he had some stuff i wanted…. Take a look…….

Had to pick up all the Rollie’s, this guy is an OG and i can’t get enough of him!! Been looking for a Rollie auto, if any one has one holla!! By the way all those cards where in the 50 cent box!! I love my shop!!

All of these where in a 25 cent box so had to have em’…. This year i want vintage so anything thats older than me is vintage and i will buy it!

For those up there i paid 5 bucks for all of those which to me is a steal…. I would have pais 5 bucks for the Tony alone, so good times!!!

Finally i picked up all these great looking 1972 cards for 5 bucks for the whole lot….I think after i done with the 68 and 69 sets….. I’ll hit this one next, but not a bad start for 5 bucks….. He also got in a bunch of 71’s so i think i’ll pick those up tomorrow if work doesn’t kill me……. or my wife!!