Well did i little shopping the other day on a couple of sites and picked these up for the 1968 set i’m putting together….. i think that by the end of the year i can completed…. i’ll keep my fingers crossed!! Let’s take a look at some of the cards….

I really can’t wait to see what are the next cards i’ll pick up, but if the price is right i’m all over it…. I love the Tony Perez aka Doggie…. He’s such an ass in person tho….

Some more cards… The Sweet Lou rookie card is bad ass!! And the all-star card are just perfect….. And lastly we have the heavy hitters….. mind you for everything pictured here i dropped 50 buck total….. Buying singles is so much better than rippin’ wax…But i know that rippin’ is like crack, you need it…. It calls you in the middle of the night. To the cards….

My first Maris, what a great looking card….Thanks for reading, Wicked out!!