Headed to the shop today and did pretty well for myself….. Check it out if you like, some of these are up for trade….I’ll let you know which ones….

Finally i have a Rollie auto, i’ve been wanting one real bad and i was in luck since the shop had just gotten one in…. Price it cost me?? 3.50 yup i said the same thing…… Next my boy, don’t care if he’s in Washington Scott Olsen…. I loved this guy when he played for us for his badass ways…. And still love him today, great price on this auto too 2.00. And lastly we have Mr. Robinson, once i saw the card i had to have it, but then i was like blah…. This one cost me a pretty penny and its up for trade, but its going to take allot to get this card in your collection.

Picked these up for a good price and there all for trade….. Any takers??

These where in the dollar bin!!….. If anyone needs any of these they are for trade too…..

Now none for these are up for grabs…. Slowly i will be putting this set together, i try and pick up all the star’s from the set first that way its easy saliing the rest of the way….As you can see, I’m hitting up allot of the older cards and trying to stick to that but its hard….. If anyone has any of these laying around please let me know.

And lastly pick up this lot of number 21 for a great price….. I know someone who would want some of these, holla kid!!

Well that was it…. Good times, good times….Wicked out!!