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First of all if you haven’t been over to The Sandlot please go now….. Joe started up the blog not so long but he’s been card collecting forever….. Joe put up some trade bait and i jumped and took the bait. I ended up with three autos and a relic plus a hand full of Fish cards….. The autos where of Ryan Zimmerman which i collect, the Hawk aka Mr. HOF 2010 Andre Dawson, and lastly a auto i always wanted but could never find…. The Chemist himself Jose “Mr. 40/40” Canseco. Plus the relic of Ryan Zimmerman….. I wanted to thank Joe for a great trade and i hope we have more in the months to come!! By the way if you have any Mets cards let him know, you can find Joe @ The Sandlot!!! Wicked out!!