Every year i either hear or read the same shit about the Florida Marlins…. Oh they won’t make a playoff run, or the Mets are way better than the Marlins…. Yet almost every year we’re always there to the every end trying to make the playoffs. While the Mets sit and watch a ballclub that has a very small payroll fight for a wild card spot. And I’ve read a bunch of blogs this year placing the Marlins to either end up in 4th or 5th place in the NL East….. I guess a lot of people and blogs will be eating there words at the end of the year…..And this brings me to the Met fan in South Florida, do us all a favor and go back to New York…. Met fans you guys can’t stand when the Marlins whoop up on you….. All you can do is run ya’ll mouths and talk shit….. Let me ask you something…. Why do you guys keep living in ’86? The Mets are nothing more than overpay and away overhyped ballclub that hasn’t won a championship since 1986. And since 2007 the Marlins have owned you….Remember 2007?? You guys had a 7 game lead in the division with 17 games to go….would lose 12 of their final 17 games enabling the Philadelphia Phillies to win the NL East by one game. The Mets were eliminated on the final day of the season as Tom Glavine allowed 7 runs to the Florida Marlins and only got through 1/3 of an inning in his final start as a Met. The Mets became the first team in baseball history to blow a lead of seven or more games with only 17 games to play…. A laughing stock with a huge payroll. How about 2008?? Yup the Marlins again stabbed y’all right in the heart, the Mets were eliminated from playoff contention by losing to the Florida Marlins on the season’s final day for the second straight season….. 2009?? Let me not even go there…. More time on the DL collecting those checks…. And now in 2010 we take 2 out of 3 in your new home….. Can’t wait to meet again! I’ll leave the Met fan with this picture since the last one they saw was almost 25 years ago….