Since baseball season is here again and my father isn’t, its hard…… Just thinking about him makes my eyes water, i was going to do a trade bait post but i taught this would be fitting first….. Dad, its been a long time…… way to long. I’ve always loved you and never will stop… I know deep in me that you haven’t always been there and when mom passed everything fell apart…… But it seemed that when god took her he also took you away from us…. Growing up with just grandma was so hard but she give it her all until she also passed…. Then we lost Janet, she just give up dad. I’ve seen to much death in my short life time…. Anyways i was happy when you showed up at Austin 3rd birthday party, even tho it was just for an hour to see your grandson that you had never seen. It kills me that your not a daily part of my life but i guess i will live with that wound until i die…. But i’ll tell you one thing i will always be there for both of my sons unlike you. I never wanna be like you…. Miss you now,later and always….

Your son,