Since Topps has now cornered the market in baseball, which leaves me bored out of my mind….. I thought i try something new…. Now please know that in South Florida this is a football town first. And the last thing on anyones mind is hockey….. But i gotta say this, this year Champs hockey cards look badass. So i bought a blaster, now this doesn’t mean that I’m collecting hockey cards put i would love to try to put this set together. Just the base set and the mini’s but there just one thing in the way of that…. 4 cards per pack is killing me at two bucks a pack it doesn’t add up….. But i think I’ll buy a couple of more blaster down the line and try to complete the set…. Plus I’m sure there a couple of hockey guys around here i can trade with (wink wink Cap) By the way today is the ole Cap’s birthday so from sunny and hot as hell South Florida Happy Birthday Cap!!!