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Since there isn’t much wax out there now a days that i wanna bust, i’ve been shopping it up at the shop,COMC and Ebay. And i’ve been tryin to get my paws on all cards of Rollie Fingers….. If anyone out there has any please holla at me, he going into my son’s PC and i want him to have a great collection. He still collects Jeter and A-Rod, but since i was reading a book called The Rollie Fingers Baseball Bible: Lists and Lore, Storied and Stats he asked me who he was and i told him all about Rollie and he told me he wanted to add him to his PC. So i’ve been hitting all the site grabing up all Rollie’s in site….. Looking for all cards of Rollie!!! Please let me know, its so cool the feeling knowing that he now has a thrid player in his PC other than those damn Yankees….. Here a pic of two autos i just bought off of Ebay….