Alright!! I’m in a great mood today so i taught i share and give away some stuff….. And if you know one thing is that it’s always easy to enter……No adding me to your blog roll or any of that crazy stuff…. Just good ole simple contest for my peeps and those who haven’t became my peeps yet!! Ok here the deal….. Guess my birthday and name three famous people born on my date of birth……. Here a hint: It’s coming up, and it doesn’t pass May 30…… Here what you can win…. The first person to guess it right will have there pick of one of these three sets…..

If no one guesses the right date the one closest to the date will pick first then we will have two runner up’s! So in total we will have three winners!! The contest is open til Friday at midnight with the winners being picked Saturday morning, so get your picks in and good luck!! Enjoy……….. 96 Dennys Holo set, NLF Experience Set, and Upper Deck All-Star fanfest set..