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Went to a card show today down in Dania Beach which is about an hour drive from my house. The show wasn’t all that great, prices where on the high side and the guys selling the cards where being dicks by not taking most of my offers. So i stuck to the bins that where marked with their prices. On the other hand lunch was yummy, dollar hotdogs always hit the spot plus free refills i’m down anyday! Here some of the loot from today….

It really sucked that i couldn’t pick up more cards cause of their prices…. Book Valve can kiss my ass and to anyone that ever comes to me with that shit can also kiss my ass….. Book valve has killed collecting and trading to the point where i get asked you must be a price guide hater….. The Don first off is not a hater by any means, if anything those damn books and guides are the haters…. Who comes up with these prices anyways? Monkeys? Donkeys? Anyways just a rant, Wicked out!!