Well here it goes…… Right now as i write i’m in a funk….The hobby i love is boring to me right now, and it really must be for the lack of stuff that’s out there right now. Or for the overpricing assholes at card shows and on websites. I really don’t mind dropping a coin or two but I’m smart with my money. I’m not going to give you 20 bucks for a Dontrelle auto. I know that people gotta make money but what there doing is killing the hobby. It’s really sad that its gotten to this point where i don’t even feel like writing about cards anymore. And you could see it throughout the blogging world, people are pissed that Upper Deck lost the right to make baseball cards….. At least I could look forward to each company bring the heat when each one of them dropped a product but know that Topps has no one to beat and that mean lackluster product in some of their relseases. And we have no Upper Deck to fall back on to…….This sucks.

As for My Past Time……. I Love It!! i will try to keep my head up with all these shenanigans going on…… Hopefully there will be a better day coming soon….