Aight fools!! It’s that time again to pay the pippers out there, some i owe and some i don’t. But the Don likes to take care of his peeps so with that here are the names on the package list…… Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid the homie hooked it up with a sweet Canseco bat relic. 30-year old Cardboard oh yeah the homie and me go way back and its all love there!! Plus B i’ll be with ya at the Gary Carter signing homie, can’t wait!! Waxaholic always on my list to send, the big homie up North doesn’t get as much love as he should!! Drew’s Cards the lil dude was once a one that is antagonistic to the Don or one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent but we made up at the end and now its all love! Offy’s Sports Site sent me a sweet Hanley auto so now its time to return the favor……Omega Cardboard cause of that sweeeet Bailey auto you will get a Cain auto :)…….Night Owl Cards cause i love putting him more in debt to me lmfao…….And finally my brother from another mother….. The Collective Troll its all love,kid!! One day we’ll catch a game together! I’ll buy the first round :)~

Now to other stuff….. There a couple of people that i would love to send packages to but got no address for them. The list is as followed…..Baseball Card Recollections,First Day Issue,Nachos Grande,Stats on the Back, and 2008 Allen & Ginter Card-scape…… If you know any of these peeps tell them the Don is looking for them…..And another thing if anyone talks to or emails Nico from the blog Nr Mt tell his punk ass that his package has been sent back to me twice already and i ain’t sending it again.

And in closing packages there are getting ready to leave my household are as followed….Hey, That’s Mines!!, Carl Crawford Cards, Baseball Dad ‘s Sportscard Trading Post, Mike Pelfrey Collectibles, Play At The Plate, Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog,Sign Here…and Here… and The Priceless Pursuit…. Almost ready guys just waiting on some pieces!

That’s all folks!! Wicked out!!!!!!