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Was at the card shop the other day when a man walked in with a box full of autographed baseball. Now if you know me I’m a sucker for autographed baseball…… So the owner of the card shop bought the box, he put some aside and said to another two guy and myself that we could have any of the balls left for 5 bucks a piece. Now I quickly got to the box and saw a ton of Yankee players like Kevin Mass, and Brian Taylor……. But one stuck out at me and I grabbed it… It was a Walt Weiss autographed baseball that had written on it “Rookie of the Year 88” on it. So for five bucks it came home with me and I’m happy i bought it. Walt did play one season down here in florida with the Marlins back in 93′. I did buy two other balls which cost me a pretty penny and i’ll be posting about them soon!! A hint two of the top 20 players of all time!!