Ever since i got back to collecting autographes and cards, I’ve had a list of autographes that i wanted…. The list is long and there’s great HOF names on it like Dave Winfield to not so big names like Dave Magadan. But there’s that list about 120 names deep, little by little I’ve been knocking those names out of the way. The funny thing about it is that the list always grows. New names like Gary Carter and Howard Johnson will work there way on to the list like nothing. So lets just call it the never ending list……. Fast forward to today, because today two huge names where knocked off that list forever…… That’s right the say hey kid is in my hands now. I’ve lusted over this autograph for a long time, and finally after a great deal and the money being there i was able to bring home the ball. It’s tops my baseball autographes balls list as of right now but lurking in the shadows is the 2nd ball i bought but i’ve leave ya’ll with a little something to look forward too…. These balls cost me some major coin plus the fact that i have a card show and autograph show to hit next week looks like i’ll be dropping a couple more bucks, but whatever makes you happy you should do. You only live once, enjoy it….. And it being Mays birthday what a great way to enjoy his history more than this…..Wicked out!!!