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No silly’s I’m not talking about that Captain, I’m talking about the one way up North in the maple state….. Yup good ol Captain of the blog Waxaholic. You see the Cap and myself love sending packages to one another to see who can get them out quicker….. I told the Cap that one day I’ll be in his neck of the woods cause I’m dying to see Canada…. hopefully it will be sooner than later cause I’m not getting any younger….. #1 years can be hard on the body….lol Anyways he always knows my soft spot, yes people it’s the D-Train aka Dontrelle Willis. I’ve been collecting Willis for a long time now and have over a 1,000 cards of his…. But the Cap for some weird reason knows what cards I’m missing…. You see those Baseball Hero cards I’m missing one to complete the rainbow…..Enjoy the pic, Wicked out!!!!