Well the card show wasn’t what i taught it would be….. The card choice wasn’t all that great and there where a couple of guys quoting Beckett….. So i switched gears and started looking at bats and balls that were autographed. I found a dealer that i had bought from before and stuck a deal with him for a bunch of balls and three bats. This dealer is the bomb and i can’t wait to next month, cause he said he was brought in some new stuff.

ok on to the stuff…. I’m going to do one by one the baseballs and bats. So todays baseball is of none other than Monte Irvin a Hall of Famer elected in 1973. Irvin was one of the first black players to be signed after baseball’s color line was broken by Jackie Robinson in 1947. He fashioned a career of dual excellence both with the Eagles in the Negro leagues, and with the Giants in the National League. After hitting in the Negro leagues for high marks of .422 and .396 (1940-41), Irvin led the Mexican League with a .397 batting average and 20 home runs in 63 games, being rewarded with the Most Valuable Player award. After serving in the military in World War 2 (1943-45), he returned to the Eagles to lead his team to a league pennant. Irvin won his second batting championship hitting .401, and was instrumental in beating the Kansas City Monarchs in a seven-game Negro League World Series, batting .462 with three home runs. He was a five-time Negro League All-Star (1941, 1946-48, including two games in 1946).