Juan Marichal was known for his high leg kick, pinpoint control and intimidation tactics, which included aiming pitches directly at the opposing batters’ helmets. Marichal’s delivery was renowned for one of the fullest windups in modern baseball, with a high kick of his left leg that went nearly vertical (even more so than Warren Spahn’s delivery). Marichal maintained this delivery his entire career, and photographs taken near his retirement show the vertical kick only slightly diminished. The windup was the key to his delivery in that he was consistently able to conceal the type of pitch until it was on its way. Marichal pitched a no-hitter on June 15, 1963, and was named to nine All-Star teams. He was selected the Most Valuable Player of the 1965 game. His All-Star Game record was 2–0 with a 0.50 ERA.

Johnny Roseboro incident

Marichal is also remembered for a notorious incident that occurred on August 22, 1965, in a game played against the Giants’ arch-rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Twice in the first three innings, Marichal had thrown near the head of Dodger leadoff batter Maury Wills. Batting against Sandy Koufax in the last of the third inning, Marichal felt that Dodger catcher Johnny Roseboro’s return throws to the mound had flown too close to his head and one grazed his ear. Words were exchanged, and Roseboro, throwing off his catcher’s helmet and mask, rose to continue the argument. Marichal responded by repeatedly hitting Roseboro’s unprotected head with his bat. The benches cleared into a 14-minute brawl, while Giants captain Willie Mays escorted the bleeding Roseboro (who would require 14 stitches) back to the clubhouse.

Overall Mr. Marichal was a badass back in his days….. Night Owl i think Juan should be in your “I’m Badass and You’re Not” Club….just food for thought…. Wicked out!!!!