Fisrt off thanks to all who have left well wishes, it really means allot to me to hear it from my buddies in the blogging world. It was a tough night last night as we cleared all the areas that had been hit by water and moved allot of stuff into the garage. The carpets are pretty much dry and there a couple of pieces of drywall that need to be replaced. The blowers are blowing all over the place which is a good sign. One tv is gone plus an XBOX…. In the man cave we lost the computer but the in-laws bought us a new one already. My collectables where hit hard as a bunch of stuff has water damage to it. My biggest losts where the completed sets i had plus a couple of boxes of cards. In the collectables side i lost allot of 8×10’s that where autographed and also framed pictures and some basketballs and foot ball that got wet. The baseballs i lost where a couple of Marlins and the Will Clark ball which was floating in the closet. The baby pictures and all other pictures are drying as i write. My wife said it good for me to write about it so she told me to let me blog buddies know about the update. The overall look is much bettr than yesterdays and this will only make me collect harder again. Thanks again to all the well wishers, it really meant allot to me!!!!

Someone once told me that in order to see a rainbow you gotta stand a little rain………….. So true!