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The other day at the card show i saw something that I’ve been looking for a long time….. A Clem Labine autographed baseball with the INSCRIPTION 55 W.S. Champs….. Well i found it, and I’m glad i did. Because back a couple of years ago i went to an autograph sign where Don Newcombe and Clem where signing. I got Don to put his ROY inscription on the ball but when I got to Clem, i passed on any inscription. I really to this day don’t know why I passed but that’s in the past now. Clem passed away in March of 2007. Vin Scully, the longtime Dodger announcer, said upon learning of Labine’s death that he had a heart of a lion and the smarts of a wily fox, and in addition was very likable. I too felt that way when i got to meet him and talk baseball with him. Thanks Clem for being so cool, you are missing…Wicked out!!!