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I know for a fact that some of you out there are now jelly of the Miami Heat…. With Pat and company pulling off the biggest coup in NBA history and leaving Cleveland crying for King James… I’m really happy that this is happening in my city. They don’t call it the Magic City for nothing. Pat did what he set out to do and build a team that would bring a couple of NBA titles to the 305. Cleveland fans should be thanking LeBron for seven great seasons there, but as you can see the city has no class.

 Even going as far as to burn James jerseys on live T.V., and with the owner of the team saying everything he said in that newpaper ad about James, what other players go over to Cleveland. Saying that his team is going to win a champinship before the Heat does. HA! What a joke of an owner, a team and a city!!

Here’s to the Miami Heat for making this happen….. Each of them as signed a six year deals which means that there are here to stay for a long time.And this is only the beinging, the the line i’m sure we’ll see Chris Paul or as many of you know him as CP3.