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First of all the winner of the Bobby Doerr picture is….Kelli with the number 11. please email me your address asap to ship the 8×10 your way.

Now just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who enter or came by and took a look. All the prizes will be shipped this week. It’s always fun to give stuff away and Pay it Forward…. I came in to this blogging world almost two years ago and said that i wasn’t in it for the valve of a card but the love of the hobby that i hope one day pass on to my two little boys. I know some of you collect for the valve of the cards and that on y’all, but to me it so much fun to collect and trade without the valve being thrown around. And i want my kids to be the same way, to collect because it fun not because it will make you money. And to all of you who are reading this please remember to Pay it Forward. It always comes back to you two-fold.

I think that was one of the main reasons that i ended up winning last year’s Trader of the Year Award. I’m always every thoughtful when i send out my packages and always toss a little something that i know will put a smile on a face. Keep in mind to be thoughtful and giving when you’re putting together a package. That way we all win in the end and keep this great blogging world of ours in harmony. 🙂

Wicked out!!