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Yesterday was the day i got to meet Mike and Gaby for the first time. The line was long even tho i got there an hour before there must have been at least 100 people in line already. And thank god it was inside cause if not it wouold have been crazy. I took my youngest with me cause mommy and Austin where going to see a movie….. Well he was a golden baby he just watched and smiled the whole time. By the time we got the the front of the line it was one item per person, so that made me change everything right there…… You see i had bought about 6 Gaby cards to get signed and gve some away on the blog, i didn’t have any Mike cards but i did bring a ball for him to sign but that didn’t happen either…. I was missing both of them on my team bat for this year so i had them sign the bat. They where really cool and nice and even let us take a picture with them. So overall a good day sometimes you can’t been greedy and they where allot of people that where acting like it…. Skipping people and trying to get more autos….. I’ always on the free autograph sence and i always see the same people tryin this bullshit most of them are dealers.  After they leave they go home and put there stuff up on ebay which overall makes it hard on us the collecters to get an auto. Anyways here are the pictures…. Oh by the way i spun the free wheel and won this great Hawk HOF plate…..