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First off before we get the Trolls cards….. A 3rd Andrew Bailey Bowman plate had hit Ebay….. And it just ended, with me bidding 15.98 i got outbid and screwed out of the 3rd plate….. The first two plates i bought them for about 10.00 bucks each, and after i posted that i was chasing the plates, this plate sold for almost 17.00 bucks. Ain’t that funny…. I think someone read the post and saw that the plate was up and bid to beat me knowing that i would be chasing that plate… It really sucks but that some of the shady shit that happens in the blogging world. To whoever bought it i have two you have one if the next one ever shows up i will outbid your ass and cost will be tossed out the window just to make a point…..

Alright after my rant, The Troll had a huge group break and sent everyone mad cards…… I was lucky to be a part of it and it was mad cool for the Troll to do this for everyone….. Troll said to post a couple of cards that he sent and that what i’m going to do!!

These right here have to be my top three Marlins cards …… The Carl card is always been one of my faves and the EB card would look really nice with a graph…..

And you got love these sweet Jose’s….. The 87 O-pee chee is great plus the other two also fall in that great saying…. Thanks to the Troll for being way cool!! Wicked out!!