Well the funk bug has bit me too!! I haven’t looked at my cards for about a week now and i have a mess everywhere. Baseball cards are taking over my new house and i don’t know how to stop it. When i read Bready rant the other day on his blog i was think that he was reading my mind….. I have Marlin cards that i don’t know what to do with, so i just stick them in a box….. But you should see how many boxes there are….. A ton of them, allot of football cards that i really don’t care for…. Plus some basketball also…. Should i just trash them?? Does anyone want them?? Pay the shipping and there yours no questions asked!! Any woot i feel like i’m board with my hobby, which sucks…Should i just stick to my PC’s?? and building the sets i want?? Yes!! but then what do i do with all the other cards?? I’m dying ova here…. I feel like i’m a hoarder of sports cards….. And thats only half of it…. When the wife gets on your back about the money and the cards being all over the place, forgetaboutit! I’ve lost my passion?? I have packages that i have ready to go but no will power to hit up the post office, lazy maybe?? I have no idea what it is but it needs to change, i love this hobby to much to not have it in my life anymore….. Any ideas homies?? And i really meant what i said about the football cards,basketball cards and hockey… Just pay the shipping….

Funking up the place in West Palm Beach-

Wicked out…..