Nyjer is just a dirty player that thinks that MLB is the WWE….. This guy in the last week has had run-in’s with the Cards catcher, threw a ball into the stands that hit someone, ran over Brett Hayes on a play that if he slides he wins the game for his team but being the dumbass that he is he tackled the catcher. And now tonight after being hit by a pitch which he knew was coming because of what he did to Hayes, he taught it was a smart move to steal two bases while being down by 10 runs. And in the 6th inning he got what was coming to him again. This time tho Chris Volstad threw behind him and off he went to charge the mound. He threw a weak ass punch at Volstad and then Gaby Sánchez clothes-lined Morgan, knocking off his batting helmet and sending him to the ground hard. Morgan, Volstad, Rodriguez and Marlins pitcher Jose Veras were ejected. Morgan was loudly booed when he raised his arms as he was escorted off the field.

On a night that one of my favetie pitchers that’s not on the Marlins, Scott Olsen got rocked…. It was sad to hear good ole Jim Riggleman running his old ass mouth talking about that he’s glad that Nyjer stole those bases. Another dumbass in my book. At the end of the Day the Nats got rocked and there still in last place 21 games under 500.