Like many of you on here in blogland I too have a deep passion for collecting….. But that passion has taken a back seat to life and the world around me. Is it weird to think about how much money you’ve dropped on cards and what you have to show for it?? I’ve seem to have mixed water and oil in the same pot, you see to me it’s never been about the valve of the card or what all those price guides have to say about the cards. It’s about the love i have for collecting and all the fun it brings. But lately it hasn’t been fun and like i said before cards have taken over the house, making my wife upset and me thinking…. One of my buddies told me that collecting cards is like a money pit…. And i quote ” What do you see in collecting cards, like most everything else they also lose valve over time. Do i have to take you back to the 90’s??

You see I’ve really never told this to anyone in blogland, but in the 90’s i dropped a lot of money on cards thinking it would make me rich. Which ever happened and a lot of cards ended up in the trash with one kids broken dreams. I swore off collecting cards forever. I was a kid with a lot of “I told you so…” and questions but no answers. And empty pockets as well. So i stopped collecting until i was 27 years old. But i didn’t get back into cards just autographs. I use to be at every signing you could think of. It got so bad that it was basically my autograph collection or my family…. So i sold a bunch of stuff and put it in a IRA which is still holding strong today….. But I am at this point again in my collecting habits??

You see anything i focus on i go hard at…. I want the best of the best and i have no control. That’s why i would make a bad junkie, lol. But really collecting is like a drug, you fiend for a pack or a blaster every time you’re at Wal-mart or Target. And don’t even think about going to one of those stores and not taking a stroll down the card aside, cause you’ll be mad at yourself for days. Or you go looking for a t206 blaster but they don’t have any so you still have to buy something and you end up with a Topps ser. 2 blaster…… Which you didn’t want but you couldn’t go home empty-handed.

And i guess another thing i miss is trading…. Seems like all the trading has stop around here…. I use to get about 15 trades a month but now I’d be lucky to see 3 a month. And it’s mostly my fault cause i feel to lazy to comment on ya’ll blogs.

Maybe I’m just still in a funk….. Maybe i should sell some stuff, don’t worry y’all will gt first dibs. I just don’t know… Any ideas, or any sellers out there on which way is the best way to sell cards and sports stuff (autographes stuff). Or just a good story about collecting to get me out of this damn funk!!

– The Don..