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Well when i saw this hanging up in good ole Scott’s Sport Shop, i quickly asked him “how much?” He told me the price i looked in my pocket and told him that it would be coming home with me. It’s something i couldn’t pass up and leave to another to enjoy….. So with that here we have what i’ve been talking or wrtiing about!!

Yup that would the what i picked up a jersey of the HOF great Duke Snider…. I know what your thinking your not a Dodger fan, i know i ain’t but its something i had to have! But wait what’s this??

Yup but wait there’s more….

Yup it’s numbered to 16 and i have the last one that came off the press…… But please remember i’m thinking about flipping it, so if you want it make me an offer. It has GAI sticker that let’s you know its the real deal. Thanks!! Wicked out!!