Well yesterday a dream of mines came true…. I got the chance to meet Darryl Strawberry and shake his hand. Back in the 80’s living in Florida there was one team I rooted for and that was the New
York Mets….. Darryl and Dwight were two of my favorite players at the time with Will Clark being one number. I remember trying to bat like Strawberry in the batters box and always making a fool outta myself. To me he was a guy I looked up too and wanted to be like. I didn’t know anything about the guy out of the uniform, what he did or how he lived his life. All I cared about was how many home runs he hit or if he stole a base…… I know now that he not the prefect person I looked up to as a kid, but guess what I’m not perfect either. So in the end it was an honor to finally meet him and say thank you for all the great childhood memory’s he gave me.