ok guys here we go, before i start going crazy on Ebay b uying all these cards up…. I’m giving you the chance to see if you have any of these guys in your collections….I’ve drop a couple of players from my old Pc because of the reason that i have most of there cards….. So i wanted to stasrt some new collections and they players really stand out in my mind. Here’s the list also i’ve updated my Want list also, Thanks!!

1. Bill Virdon, 2. Ralph Kiner, 3. Vern Law, 4.Dick Groat, 5. Elroy Face, 6. Bill Mazeroski, 7.  Harmon Killebrew, 8. Dwight Gooden

There you have it folks, let me know if any of you have any cards of these players…. The only one i have a couple of cards of is Dwight Gooden. I do not own any of the other names cards you see there!