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Ryan and myself have a great history trading great cards back and forth….. For some reason I’m able to pick up lots of O’s cards that he doesn’t have… But one player always sticks out at the shop like a J.LO’s butt, that player is Cal Ripken Jr. And Ryan loves him some Cal so it always works out….. Ryan sent me my first ever rip card, which i have no idea what to do it….. Rip it or not?? Anyways he also sent allot of base from the 2010 A&G set which left my want list under 15 cards to complete the set. Plus the National Animal cards which i missing about 30 of them. I will be putting up some new stuff on my want list tomorrow so please feel free to look at it and contact me if you have any of the wanted cards….Once again thanks to Ryan for a great package!!