B.Orioles – Ryanmemorabilia

Boston Red Sox – James Rosenthal

New York Yankees – BA Benny

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians – Jason Cline

Detroit Tigers

Minnesota Twins – smedindy

Oakland Athletics – smedindy

Atlanta Braves – Chris Mays

Philadelphia Phillies

Chicago Cubs – Darkship17

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Francisco Giants  

Toronto Blue Jays – Hank

Kansas City Royals – Darkship17

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Seattle Mariners – Peterson

Texas Rangers  

New York Mets – BA Benny

Washington Nationals/Expos – Thingpen

Houston Astros – Samuel

Milwaukee Brewers – Peterson

San Diego Padres

So far this is what i have, 15 peeps so far i at least need 10 to make this work….. If you guys could maybe hook the Don up with a link to my blog or a post about the break that would help fill up the spots allot quicker…… Remember it will be 19 buck per team. And it will be a total of 19 boxes broken hopefully live on Ustream…. Thanks again everyone!!