Ok peeps it looks like we made it by getting 15 people to pick up teams….. The Break will happen this Friday night and into Saturday night (I’ll do half Friday and half Saturday night). I’m going to leave it open so that if people still wanna sign up they can until Thursday night. With that payment will be due also by Thursday night, all the boxes are in my hands and ready to go. It’s going to be a fun break so please try to be there when i do it live on Usteam!!! So with that please use paypal to make payment to fredoortega @ Hotmail.com and please use the GIFT op to send the money. And please send me an email letting me know that payment was sent or leave a comment.  Thanks again for joining and make sure to tell your friends and bloggers that there still a couple of spaces open that need to be filled!!

B.Orioles – Ryanmemorabilia (Paid)

Boston Red Sox – James Rosenthal

New York Yankees – BA Benny (Paid)

Chicago White Sox – smedindy (Paid)

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Detroit Tigers

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