Alright guys i sent a bunch of packages out today and 6 more are going out later on today….. For the peeps that haven’t sent me their address please do so asap, i will be leaving for New York in two weeks and would love to get rid of all the packages by that time. I also sent out trade packages to Chris, Greg and Greg.. I still need to put together a package for AdamE, by the way Adam that Ted baseball heroes card is number to 10….. But we can always work out another trade for it. I also need to send Shelby a little something… Do i own anyone anything?? After this group break my mind has not been the same… Just let me know and I’ll take care of it.

And about Sunday night bait…….Community Gum I have most of those cards but i like the Hanley mini o-pee-che……Justin, dude hit me up with a better offer homie i have all those base cards. Benny i will send you the cards for a couple of cards to be named later, if that’s find with you. Gregory make me an offer for the cards you picked out… Ryan the Brook is yours, we’ll work out the details later. Fuji didn’t see anything in your bucket do you have anything to offer up for the A’s cards?? Hillevent still waiting on an offer from you, Also Chris M did you want the Chippers?? And Ben The Piazza is spoken for but the Crawford is still up for grabs, just email me an offer…..

Alright guys thanks for you time and hope to hear for a lot of you soon. Also get ready to see one of my all time buys coming soon!!

For now, good night and til our next!!

(stole line for lonestarr)