Hello my fellow bloggers….. I come here today to let you know what’s going on in my world and what the state of my blog is. Right now I’m really bored with all the new cards out there. I’ve been spending most of my money on vintage…. Mostly for the 1968 Topps set i’m building, the 1952 Topps set that i’m planning to do next year and my player collections. I do have a couple of the group break packages that need to go out and will before Friday. Plus any other trade that i owe people from will also be going out on Friday. I will be leaving for a long over due trip late this month and wouldn’t be back for two weeks. With no computer in site i see the blog in chill mode till i get back from the holidays. I also will be posting a couple of trades in the next couple of days plus some end of the year trade bait. It’s been a great year for my little blog and i’m really happy for all the new readers i’ve picked up. I’ve passed the 50,000 hit mark last week which is huge for a mom and pop blog like mines. I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has taken the time to read this thing of mine and to all the friends i’ve made here a big

manly hug.

Getting back the the vintage part of this here are three more 52′ Topps i picked up this week…. Enjoy and stay tuned!!