Hi all, Big Nick here.  Now that Wicked is officially out of town, it’s time to spice thing up around here.  I want to talk to you all about a very sensitive subject.  First, let’s picture this scenario.  You come home from a long and tiring day at work.  Your significant other is sitting on the couch, awaiting your arrival.  They look absolutely stunning, a model of beauty.  You can’t help yourself, your love is boiling inside of you.  Without any words you sweep them in your arms, run them up the stairs, lie them down on the bed, and whisper “Hey babe, you know what sounds pretty hot right now?  A 2007 Exquisite Josh Hamilton Autograph Patch Rookie.”

What?  This never happened to anyone?

Okay, so perhaps not many people incorporate baseball cards into their romance.  But it’s hard to dispute the fact that some baseball cards look just plain, damn sexy.  Look at some of these examples.



Is your mouth watering?  Next time your significant other complains about you spending more time on breaking boxes of Allen & Ginter then with her, show her some of these sexy cards.  She’ll fall as hard as you did for these beauties.

So what is your favorite sexiest card?  Here’s mine.