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Ah, where to start?? The last two weeks have been a crazy fun and long trip but well worth it. It always feel great to see family and get together and eat and spend time with one another. As many of y’all knew i had left on a family trip driving to New York the city that never sleeps. Lol i saw it sleeping after the 22 inches of snow that fell while i was there. The drive there was fun we got to see alot of cool things but we’ve done this drive before so we knew where to see the cool things. To make a long story short, i loved the time spent and the drive was cool even tho i slepted alot. But i’m glad to be back in sunny South Florida my home!! And i love it more and more every time i’m away.

Now to Nick…. Nick thank you so much for taking care of the blog while i was away. You lived up to the hype and then some, i’m really greatful that you could do this for me and i would like to keep you on if you’d like to keep posting here as long as you would like. Plus i heard you where a Yankee fan and Santa bought you a little something to my house, so please send me your address that way it can make it’s way home. Again Nick thank you very much. By the way January 3rd will be the official one-year anniversary of For Cards Sake. Make sure to check it out!!

Now to the X-Mas gifts….. I will start out by say this…… Make sure y’all count your blessing everyday, cause you never know when it will come to an end. First thing i didn’t get alot of baseball cards but i did get a couple of packs, a book that i killed over the hiolday and a couple of gift cards. The book was about a Yankee, i know….funny but man it was a great read. 7 The Mickey Mantle Novel written by Peter Golenbock, i was so into the book i couldn’t put it down. I’m done with it, if someone would like to trade me for another book about a players life please let me know.

Oh yeah…. i did go by the new house that Ruth built, i will have pictures soon. Also stopped by the home of the New York Jets (Yuck) and i must say its a great looking place. And a big shout out to Chris over at  Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz for sending over a Don Zimmer auto card which is just perfect in every way….Night owl eat your heart out!!

And now on to some TTM action…. A couple of month ago i taught it would be cool to have a softball autographed by both Cat and Jennie Finch. Well i went out to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought two softballs and mailed them away…. The Cat came back with RTS which sucked and the Jennie i had forgotten about well today in the mail was this cutie….

Is that cool or what!! Thanks to Jennie for taking the time to sign for me. But there was another package in the mail….. this time it was from none other that the great Vern Law. I had sent him two cards plus a baseball and asked him if he could please make it a stat ball….plus the fact that i sent him 20 bucks didn’t hurt either :)….. Well in ten days after i sent it out it was back home with me and man, i was very happy!! I had also asked him to add a quote of his on the ball which he did. Check it out…..

Well thats it for now, i do have some trade packages to post and a couple to send out…… Plus some more cards to post about and dropping some bucks over at COMC….

Wicked out!!