Here’s the 411 on the contest… First remember that pimping this on your blog will earn you an extra spot in the contest. Anyways I wanna make this simple for everyone to join and have fun with so with that being said you don’t have to be a smarty pants to enter….. Here’s the question ” I made two stops on the way down driving from New York can you guess where i stopped? ” and it wasn’t in New York….. One guess per person and two if you pimp it. The winner will get the 2008 Masterpiece set and set himself up for a grand prize at the end of all the giveaways which should last until Monday!! Yup Monday bitches!! I have plenty to give to my peeps that read the blog. I’ll be giving away cards, sets, autographed stuff, etc. All y’all have to do is read and enter. That’s it!! Enjoy homies……