ok guys, this is an issue i’m having and i need y’all help…… This is the deal, for Christmas i got five MLB baseballs to get autographes on…. Well i’ve ran into an issue when i thought about who do i send them too?? I have a list that i keep that i’m dying to complete but that will take some time. Here’s where you guys come in…. I’m going to put a set of 10 names up and you guys are going to help me pick…. Just leave me a comment on which five and that’s it!! Thanks so much guys and trust me i’ll show you the ball when they come back @ The Hall of Memorabilia….

Here’s the list… Bill Virdon, Marty Marion, Roy Face, Bob Friend, Wally Moon, Dick Groat, Al Dark, Jon Matlack, Jim Lonborg, and Al Rosen.

Thanks again…Wicked out!