Yup…. The blog turns two today! @ 12:01 tonight, Funny how thing work them self out at the end. Cause a couple of months ago i was ready to hang it up and move forward. But with all the love y’all in blogland showed me, and made me feel that my blog and myself will always have a home here in our tight little circle was great. I wanna thank everyone who makes the time to read my blog and all my trade peeps that have sent me some cool cards over the last two years. And of course the shout out… Brian from 30 year old cardboard for the wisdom and the great times we’ve had at the card shows and signing, thanks for showing me the way when i started and always helping me with any questions i had. Mojo aka Jay for showing me that giving is better than receiving and even if you don’t know the person show them some love. To the Troll what can i say, i love reading your words and i know i’ve made a friend for life, thank you for everything and i still owe you a beer when you make it down here. To the Capt. to say old school around here is something good thanks for all the great trade and showing me love when i was a rookie. Night owl you my friend are a icon around these parts, and one of the first blogs i read, thanks for you doing you. And to all the other homies and peeps just remember that without you guys i would be nothing around these parts. Thanks to each and every one of you for trades, comments, and love.

Going into year three i think there will be more great things to come from My Past Time…… i want guest writers, i want blogs that i can preview here on the blog, i want a icon to come backkkk….Mario anyone? And most of all i want more trades!! I have a ton of cards that need new homes and i will be sending peeps package over the next year just for being readers or leaving comments. I love to see packages in my mailbox so i know y’all must love it as well. I wanna give more since there much to give. These are all just many of my ideas for the up coming year.

Once again thank you all for making this another great year for My Past Time…… From me to all of you ahve a great night and god bless!! Let’s Go Marlins!!!

-Wicked out!!!