Well put down another one down in the book, I’ve been going to FanFest since 2001. Making this one 10 plus year worth of Marlins memoreies…. This one was like the last two I’ve been to, The autograph lines where great and you got to mingle with a bunch of players at any given time. I got there early and quickly got in one of the lines, to my luck it was the line for Mike Dunn and John Buck. Two of the new Marlins on the team this year. I wanted to get Buck on a mini catchers mask and had a card for Dunn. When it was my turn i told Dunn that i’m glad he was here and thanked him for the auto. Then Buck, i pulled out the mini catchers mask and he said “cool” i asked him if he could put on it 2010 All-Star which he did and it came out looking great.

After those two i got in line for one of my favetire Marlins Chris Volstad, he was really cool and signed three cards for me, from there we got in the last line trying to get Josh Johnson but it was to late. He was done signing so we just hanged out in the same line while some people left. We were about 10th in line when they bring in Hanley….. As soon as people saw Hanley was in this line, it turned into a madhouse. People skipping,pushing, just going crazy…. But luck me, i didn’t have to wait so long and the thing i biught for him to sign was worth it since i had gotten it a few months back…..To the pic’s!!


After that we ran into Brain From 30 Year Old Cardboard which he wrote about his great day, and hooking us up with VIP passes, Well we put those passes to good use and came away with a good amount of things signed. Mike Stanton signed baseball, a signed Logan Morrison baseball plus a great team ball with all kinds of names on it….. Omar Infante, Javier Vázquez, John Buck, Mike Dunn, Chris Volstad, Josh Johnson, Chris Coghlan, etc…. Plus a Braves hat Signed by Javier Vazquez and Mike Dunn.







And lastly the baseball cards that where signed….


Overall another great year and next year will be a bang at the Fishes new home!! Thanks for reading as always, Wicked out!!!