I know what y’all are thinking right now….. This guy is crazy, but truth be told there for a friend of mines…. I have gotten him into collecting and he’s buying up Topps 2011 like a mad man. But when i asked him who he wanted to collect he said Mickey and the New York Yankees…. I almost threw up right then and there, but the kid is from New Jersey and he likes the Yankees. So i can’t really ride him about it….. But i did say that i would at least put a call out there to all my blogging homies to see what they had to offer and i would work out some deals. So here i am, asking y’all. So if you do have some Mickey’s lying around that you would like to trade please get at me @ Wicked4life20@hotmail.com and we’ll work out a trade. And any Mick will do, it doesn’t have to be old. Thanks peeps!! Oh and by the way, he told me that he will be starting a blog really soon so be on the look out for that as well!!

Wicked out!!