The big homie from 30-Year Old Cardboard asked an cool ass question the other day on his blog….. Who where the top 10 Wrestlers From The 1980′s’?? Well i grew up on WWF, and loved every second of it. And during the late 90’s and early 2000’s was one of the best time to watch. I still watch when i can but its not the same. I taught it would be cold to flip it a little and ask y’all “what are y’all top 10 wrestlers all time??” . It doesn’t have to be who was the best, This is your list make it fun!! I know at number ten i have this guy…..


I will put up the rest tomorrow at the same time, if i have someone that has at least 5 picks like i do, I will give away a prize. Stay tuned!! And thanks for reading!!! Wicked out!!