Well as i sit here writing my camera is dead and i have no way of posting new pics. i have a bunch of trades to post plus an epic trade bait post that will blow all other out of the water. But since i have no way of showing you guys what i have, y’all will have to sit back and wait. But on the good side of things i have put together most of my trade packages. Plus a few thanks you’s also….. 30-year old Cardboard, GCRL, Is This a Wasteland…, Plaschkethysweaterisargyle, Play At The Plate, The Collective Troll, The Sandlot, \”é rayhahn, rayhahn\” and reader Kevin. Will all have packages going out on Monday!! And i will be shopping for a camera this weekend so i should be back posting with pictures soon!!

I also have to post some opening day pics, it was a great time had!! Marlins won and beat the Mets. Buck hit a Grand Slam and LoMo hit a solo shot. I can’t wait to show y’all pictures!!Thanks for reading Wicked out!!