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I had known about the signing they where having a while back and waited till the day of the event to buy my autograph ticket. At 30 bucks a piece it was worth every dime. A big shout out to the homie over @Celebrity Sports Store in Coral Square Mall for always bring in great players for signings. Anyways i had bought the UD jersey a while back and said to myself that i should stick to jerseys for basketball cause NBA balls take up so much space. So i went and bought a Mike Miller jersey also. The only part that sucked about the whole thing is that Mike didn’t sign the jersey on the numbers, which killed me. But what are you going to do? Great time tho and also got to see my buddy Brian from 30-YOCB and we got to talk some great baseball stuff. Now to the pics…..

And yes i was still in my work uniform, i went to the signing during my lunch break….:)