This is the best part about being a baseball fan. When the players reach out to help someone like Keenan Cahill a 16-year-old from Elmhurst, Ill., who has a rare disorder named Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome. The complex condition comes with a host of problems — including stunted growth — and fewer than 1,100 people are estimated to have it worldwide. The drugs used to treat it are among the most expensive in the world with one prescription costing about $350,000 per year. He’s undergone countless surgeries and has to receive weekly infusions designed to replace his enzymes and prolong his life.

And it just shows why the Marlins fans loved Cody Ross so much. He was one of a few that tried to make sure he made everyone happy that he could. He reached out to the fans and took his own time to talk to us and sign autographed and pose for pictures. And he loves kids! I’ve seen it with my two eyes the way he connects with kids, putting huge smiles on their faces. He a class act and the Giants are very lucky to have him. When he got traded from the Marlins, we the fans were heartbroken. It felt like your prize baseball card being torn right in front of you by a big bully. I’m happy that he’s won a championship and the he won NL playoff MVP, but he had those things coming to him, because overall he what all ballplayer should be like humble and fan friendly. And til this day we all miss you down here Cody!! Thanks for always being real!

And as for Mr.Wilson i have a new-found respect for you…..