Today i come to you…. My on-line family to tell y’all that its been hard!! Its been a hard couple of weeks for this blogger trying to catch up to his collection before the wife throws it out of the house. You see i have cards everywhere, they have taken over and i can’t keep up with them. I’ve trimmed it down some today by throwing some of them out…. I had too, don’t judge me dammit! It was mostly football and basket ball cards for the 90’s and early 00’s. I still have pently to get rid of all y’all have to do is paid the post and i’ll send them your way. Anyways i’ve also have everyone’s packages ready to hit the post office. I’m missing like 3 so thank god that’s over. And i have no way to post pictures right now, so that’s another issue I’m working on. Other than that i just giveaway an autographed Ricky Williams football over at my Facebook page! And will keep giving away prizes till i reach 100 peeps!! Been working hard at work since this is the start of the A/c season down here in South Florida. So with that, I’ll say goodnight!! Wicked out!!