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Like a week ago, i had gotten a tip that the “Hawk” aka Andre Dawson would be doing a signing at a local gas station not to far from where i work. Well knowing this info i let the big homie over at 30 Year Old Cardboard know since he’s like the big Dawson fan i know! He wrote about his day here “Had Lunch With Andre Dawson Today!!!…. Make sure to check it out! Anyways i get there and there’s about 10 people in line? Are you fucking kidding me?? For a Hall of Famer? Well i knew Andre was a two item person and that’s it. Trust me he tell you to your face! And that’s one dude i don’t want to mess with, he huge and in great shape. Well when it came to my turn in line i said “Hi,Mr. Dawson… Thank you for doing this” he said “Your Welcome” And asked me what i wanted on the bat…… I asked him for his ROY inspcrit and he did it with no issues. He also signed my hat which was great cause i just really wanted the bat. Plus the fact that i won a free oil change was mad cool…. Big thanks to 790 the Ticket, Mobile Gas, And Al’s wings. In all a great time haD!! Wicked out!!!