Tonight as i write it is with a heavy heart. You see tonight we lost a family memeber and friend. When i met my wife a couple of years ago she had two great dogs

Tucker and Gasbty…. I fell in love with the whole package, soon they would be part of our growing family. We had Austin and Tyler and the puppies as we liked to

call them. Well tonight we lost Tucker, after two strokes and a well fought battle with it. He finally hung it up tonight. It’s a sad night over here and tomorrow is going

to suck. I hope he knows how much he was loved and what he meant to this family. They say that real men don’t cry but i’ll be damned if they don’t cry when they

loose a pet. Tucker was all you wanted in a pet, great with the kids and always greeted me by the door. Always wanted to play and have fun, we shared allot of great

times and time seemed to fly by. He was only 10 years old so its sucks loosing him early like that, but that dog was a fighter till the end and a friend too.

Tucker you will be miss doggie!! I know i’ll see you again, you’ll most likey be waiting by the gates when i get there. I love you Tucktuck!!