A couiple of people have paid already, thank you for that. We seem to be running into an issue with the start day cause a couple of people are going away for the July 4th weekend. With that in mind would you guys like to start it tonight? (if everyone pays by tonight) or wait till July 5th to start? I’ll check back tonight to see the vote and go from there. If everyone pays tonight we’ll most likely start it tonight. So think it over and leave a comment. Hopefully this will help everyone!! Thanks again!!

Duane,(paid) Ryan,(paid) hiflew,(paid) The Diamond King,(paid) tim graham, C@TRH,(paid) Spiegel83,(paid) and BA Benny(paid)!!!


Update….. Still missing one payment, as soon as we get the payments in we can start.

It’s almost 1 am on my coast and i need to get my ass to bed because i work tomorrow i’ll check to payment staus first thing in the morning. Thanks!


Update6/29/11 Just waiting on tim’s payment to start, I’ve sent him an email but have not heard back from him. If anyone knows him please let him know. If he doesn’t answer by Friday, i will offer up the spot to the first person who wants it. Sorry for the wait.