The King has always been good to me, and this packages shows it…… When he heard that I collect Catfish Hunter and the The Eck he put together a super bad-ass package with a bunch of stuff i needed. If you haven’t traded with the king make sure you hit him up at The Diamond King. Be sure to be down with the King and as always thank very much homie.

Also tonight i will be putting up the details of the next hot break happening here at My Past Time!!! Stay tuned for that as sign up’s will happen tonight for the first eight peeps that want to join!! It will be the same set up as last time…. 3 autos, 6 relics and one vintage round.Tonight tell me your in and willing to pay the 32 dollars fee which includes shipping!! Remember only 8 spots will be offered up so be on the look out around 10 or 11 pm eastern time tonight!! I can’t wait!!!